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Drain Water Heat Recovery
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Rebates & Incentives - United States
The following is a list of current rebates and incentives for drain water heat recovery units in the United States that we are aware of. For those of you that don't have access to these programs don't let that stop you from receiving the benefits of heat recovery from ReTherm. With proven energy savings you'll be leading by example when it comes to energy smart homes and a better environment.
Federal Government


State Government

Oregon - Residential Energy Tax Credits - Tax credits for drain water heat exchangers range from $80-$120 depending on the efficiency of the unit installed. See "wastewater heat recovery" on this page about water heaters and wastewater heat recovery systems.

Vermont Gas - They offer $200 cash back rebates to any of their residential customers that install a drain water heat exchanger. See details at their website: Residential Energy Efficiency Programs
ReTherm heat recycling goes by several names: hot water heat recycling,
drain water heat recovery, grey water heat recovery, waste water heat recovery & shower water heat recovery.
ReTherm stops the #1 waste of household energy
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