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Drain Water Heat Recovery
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Stop the Energy Waste!
   90% of all domestic hot water heat
  is needlessly wasted down the drain

When it comes to reducing costly heat loss from homes and buildings, wall and attic insulation now has a new partner of sorts. This fellow energy saver is ReTherm. Where as insulation prevents the loss of space heat, ReTherm prevents the loss of domestic hot water heat that otherwise washes down the drain.

To better understand where a large part of home or building energy budgets are used look no further than the various faucets and machines that use hot water: dishwashing machines, sinks and especially showers. Consider for a moment how truly in-efficient energy is used when it comes to domestic water heating. A dishwashing machine uses and maintains water at temperatures as high as 65°C and at the end of each cycle all of this heat energy is thrown away. The shower is even worse because hot water is used only a few, brief seconds before it is thrown away with 90% of the heat energy still held by the drainwater.

Stop needless heat waste with ReTherm
"ReTherm is changing the way people look at
energy efficiency for domestic hot water heating"

Heat recovery systems have been used in the industrial sector for decades, but it's a fairly recent concept for single family homes, multi-unit residential and small commercial sectors. The reason for this has been the lack of a cost-effective, hassle free solution for these applications. But ReTherm is starting a revolution, more precisely, an evolutionary change in how people deal with hot water heating.

This natural evolution means that more people are looking at the big picture when it comes to hot water heating. It's changing domestic hot water from being very wasteful to very efficient. As more people rethink energy use the days of needlessly letting heat energy go to waste are becoming a thing of the past.

Go and Experience Heat Waste First Hand

We know waste heat is not something that many people think about. So take a moment. Think about when you fill the sink. Wash a few dishes. When the dishes are done the plug is pulled and away goes the hot water. Every single cycle of that really hot dishwashing machine water is used for about 10 minutes or so during the cycle and then drained away. Worst of all is the shower. From shower head to shower floor the hot water is only used for a brief two seconds or so and then down the drain it goes.

If you have the opportunity take a moment and see for yourself what's really happening with waste heat from hot water. There's nothing like a "hands-on" experience to tell you the truth about how much heat is truly being wasted. Most homes have some exposed drainline in the basement. So next time someone is taking a shower go check things out. By placing one hand on a drainline you'll know the truth about the amount of heat that is normally wasted from hot water and why it's the #1 waste of household energy.

ReTherm heat recycling goes by several names: hot water heat recycling,
drain water heat recovery, grey water heat recovery, waste water heat recovery & shower water heat recovery.
ReTherm stops the #1 waste of household energy
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