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Drain Water Heat Recovery
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People are talking about Retherm

People everywhere are discovering heat recycling

People are talking about hot water heat recycling and they are discovering that heat recycling is a common sense solution for home energy savings. Here is what some of them are saying:
  “Another great idea for greener homes”
Mike Holmes - Home renovation expert and host of "Holmes on Homes”
  “... a great device to keep your home energy dollars from going down the drain”
Bob Vila - host of "Bob Vila's Home Again"
  “Drain water heat recovery technology is innovative. It's helping to contribute to reduced electricity and natural gas demand which will help reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions and the need for producing more electricity.”
David Suzuki – Environmental advocate and host of “The Nature of Things”

"I found it hard to believe that ReTherm could recover so much heat and make such large energy savings, until I installed one for the first time."
Plumbing & Heating contractors everywhere

People are choosing ReTherm for proven energy savings
  “We used to waste so much heat when taking showers, but not any more. ReTherming hot water is the new standard.”
David LeBlanc - Mississauga
  “My teenagers have a love affair with the shower. ReTherm was a no-brainer for our home. The energy savings are already adding up.”
Mike Rutledge - South Boston

“Every new home should be recycling hot water heat. As far as I'm concerned ReTherm is a must have.”
Maurice Breau - Montreal

  “Before I heard about Retherm I had never stopped to think about all of the energy that goes to waste when we use hot water. All of the that hot water heat that we used to waste in our old house was a sin. Our new larger house actually runs on half of the energy that our old one did and I know our ReTherm unit is a big part of the savings.”
Nick Frenette - Winnipeg

“I figure ReTherm will pay for itself in three years in our home. It'll reduce my energy bills and it's great for the environment since we use less gas to heat our hot water. When I look at everything together ReTherm actually goes beyond common sense.”
Sean Zhang - New York

ReTherm heat recycling goes by several names: hot water heat recycling,
drain water heat recovery, grey water heat recovery, waste water heat recovery & shower water heat recovery.

ReTherm stops the #1 waste of household energy
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